Award winning batter fried,
Wisconsin Cheese Curds, Vendy Winner
Artisan, gourmet, made 
from scratch Cupcakes
Fresh brick oven pizza
Exotic Meat Emporium

Lobster Rolls, Salmon Burgers, Rosemary Steak Sandwiches, Tofu Rolls*

Slow smoked BBQ Brisket, Chili, Ribs, Vegetarian Quesadillas, Vendy Winner*
Fresh, melt in your mouth donuts
Hot Tater Tots tossed and topped w/ great toppings
Gourmet Beef, Crab and Pork Sliders

April Spring Food Truck Fiesta Line-up!

*Trucks that offer a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free food option.
Please inform all trucks of any food allergies in advance!

 Korean American Menu Inspired* 

Authentic French crepes*, Vendy Winner
Brazilian BBQ

 Empanadas (beef, chicken, lobster, mexican chorizo, apple)
Philly's first Currywurst Truck
Artisanal Pork Sandwiches
Modern BBQ food truck from Lancaster
Locally sourced breakfast/brunch grub w/ vegetarian/vegan options*

 Pierogis, Artisan Breads

Wings and Fries! 
Authentic Belgian waffles w/ a French touch
Brunch inspired bakery specializing
in savory and sweet
A true peanut butter experience

 Distillers of Fine Food
Award Winning Soft Serve Frozen Fruit Healthy Alternative to Ice Cream


Prime Rib Sandwiches, much more!
Puerto Rican Pig Roast and Cuisine

All natural smoothies, freshly squeezed fruit, and vegetable juices*

Rice Burger, Lettuce wrap,
Soba noodles, more!
Mexican food truck serving
nachos, tacos, & more